Baby, it's cold outside!

There is no denying that the "trend" of strapless wedding gowns has staying power! It is simply a stunning look. Revealing the shoulders and framing the collarbone and face; the complete picture is so feminine.
But strapless gowns don't offer much of a shield from the winter chill. So what can you do if your big day falls in the upcoming months? Glad you asked, we have some fabulous ideas!
Runway Long sleeve dresses for this winter chill, is still graceful and feminine:
Pashminas & Wraps- Yes, the simple solution for a chilly night on the town is also wonderful for your wedding day. Personalize your look by pinning the wrap into place with a piece of family jewelry, like your grandmother's cameo brooch. We also love the idea of tying in your wedding accent color. Remember, it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy, just the same hues. And think: a luxurious, blush Pashmina? You will definitely use that again!

Family Inspiration- Utilize the fabric from your mother's gown! From lace to organza, almost every wedding gown fabric can be used to create a lovely bolero. You are also creating a sentimental heirloom to be cherished for years to come.
Fur- We won't address the faux or real debate, but these days it is hard to tell the difference! Whether it's a stole, caplet or cropped jacket, fur provides a look of polished elegance.
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