Bridal Nail Trends of 2016

A fresh new bridal manicure is a subtle way to show off your true personality on your big day. From edgy metallics to barely-there nudes, there are plenty of unique nail trends to try out before you get hitched. We bring you 5 must-try bridal nail designs this year:

1. Stripes
Stripe nail arts is everywhere this season, from single stripe to multiple stripes that create a simple plaid pattern. If you are more adventurous, you can step up your game by playing with metallic colors (which is huge this season!). Even though you're expected to wear an elegant, classic gown down the aisle, there's no harm to subtly showing off your edgy side with your nails!

must try bridal nail trends 2016 stripes

2. The new french manicure

Gone are the days of a traditional french wedding manicure! This season came back with tons of new elements in the "french manicure" department. Have fun experimenting with bright colors and different shapes- they'll surely add a pop of color and a whole new 'wow factor' to your whole outfit. Alternatively, you can also go for a subtle ombre making your nails look classy and elegant throughout your big day!

must try bridal nail trends 2016 new french manicure

3. Negative space
Want something on your nails that can greatly reflect the artistic side of you? You will go head over heels for negative space nails! You can have any design you want, either linear style or abstract patterns. The bare nails peeking through the designs will give your nails a modern yet sexy look.

must try bridal nail trends 2016 negative space

4. Glitter
Who doesn’t love sparkles on their big day! Add a touch of glamour to your dayls by applying a dash of glitter to them! You can have it full on, or take it down a notch by apply it only on your ring finger, tip of the nails or half-moon. As a plus, match your shades with your makeup to make a statement!

must try bridal nail trends 2016 glitter nails

5. Nude & color of the year

Whether it's because you are a minimalist or you already have a lot going on with your jewellery and outfit, why not go for the ultimate classic manicure: neutral colors. Nude and neutral colors have been a big hit on the runway this season, so why not bring it down the aisle?

Nude shades like soft pink or a light peach will leave you feeling like a classic princess. Colors of the year (namely, rose quartz and serenity) allow you to stay chic yet still minimale. Both colors are light, soft and airy, which are perfect for spring/summer weddings.

must try bridal nail trends 2016 nude and color of the year

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