All ABout the Fit

All About the Fit

I was thinking about a style question that hits home for so many women: “What is your biggest challenge or fear when it comes to shopping?”

And the women I talk to always have the same concerns. “I don’t know what the proper fit for my body is, so I hate shopping and can never find anything that works.”

When that happens, don’t we all feel like giving up? But lucky for you, I’ve learned so much about how to make it all work—and that’s the gift I get to share with you! How to make it work in an easy way.

So to help you all out, here are five totally do-able, easy-to-try tips to help you understand what fit is best for you.

Take note of your body shape. Do you have an even hourglass, a little more up top, a little more on the bottom, a little more around the middle, or feel straight down the middle? Those are five categories. Choose one that you most identify with and let’s start there.

The instant fit trick for all body types is to make sure your clothes follow the natural curves of your frame and then define your waist. For any garment, you need to fit the widest point of your body and, if need be, tailor in in the slimmer areas. For example, if you have a little more around the bottom, make sure your pants and skirts fit the widest point of your hip and go straight down from there. Then add a belt to define your waist, or go get the waist tailored so that your fit is comfortable to your skin. And an overall tip for all body types? Define your waist with a belt over tops, skirts, dresses and even cardigans. It will show off your shape and trust me, it works every time. (Hot tip: Make sure it’s the high waist—about two inches above your belly button, where your waist is the slimmest!)

Don’t look at numbers. Every store has different sizing. So, yes, grab different sizes to try, but don’t pay attention to the numbers. Just make sure that the dress/top/pants fit slim to your frame and that the fabric isn’t pulling; or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, that the fabric doesn’t have excess. If you can pinch more than a cm on either side of your shirt or your pants at the hip (unless it’s an oversized trouser), the item is too big. If you can see your bra between the buttons of a shirt, it’s too small.

A slimmer wardrobe means slimmer you. We all want to hide behind fabric. However, the baggier your clothes are, the bigger you actually look. That’s why fit is so important—you can look instantly slimmer and lose 5 kilos by wearing a properly fitted outfit tailored to you and your body shape.

Almost nothing bought off the rack is perfect. Remember that, and make your tailor your best friend and don’t be afraid to make alterations!

Here’s the thing: Everyone experiences this fit stress when shopping. We are women and yes, we get insecure about it all. But remember that you’re not alone. This is the same issue most women have, and that’s why I am here to help!

Got fit questions? Leave a comment on this post or on
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