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I am available for one-on-one styling sessions (Cape Town only). During your personal styling session you will learn how to shop, where to shop and how to buy the correct items for you. Included in theses sessions is a style and colour consultation. You’ll learn how to dress for your shape, budget and lifestyle.

You’ll come away from a personal shopping experience with not only a new wardrobe that you love but also an invigorated feeling of confidence. I make the shopping trip both a learning and fun experience. Due to my extensive knowledge of stock in stores from high street to designer, I can take you to the best shops for you and your budget.

A personal shopping trip with me is a learning experience and all of my clients would agree that they have achieved more in a half a day with me than they have ever done by themselves.


Are you hoping to take a new direction in your life? A new job, a new relationship, a new social life?

Feeling confident whatever you're doing is hugely important. The clothes you wear with either make you want to stand tall and feel ready to face the world or the wrong clothes can make you feel like you want to hide away.

As a style coach it’s my job to help you find that inner confidence through your clothes. Wearing the right clothes that you know suit you and make the most of your shape can have a knock-on effect on everything in your life from relationships to jobs.

I always tell my clients that when you put on an outfit in the morning you should be able to completely forget about it all day leaving you to get on with your everyday life and feel confident.

Do you feel like you’re making the wrong impression in the workplace? With new people you meet? With potential partners? We are all judged within a few second of meeting someone and making sure you make the right impression is of the utmost importance.

During a style coaching session you’ll learn about yourself, your style and how to develop a look that will give you the confidence to do anything you want.

I have helped people move up the career ladder and find relationships after style coaching sessions.


If you’d like to enquire about hiring me as a brand consultant, to help enhance the shopping experience for shoppers, get in touch.


I am available as a style contributor with areas of expertise ranging from personal shopping, style coaching to fashion trends. A sample of my presenting work will be available soon on your TV screens.


I am available for store openings, team building days, presentations and as a guest speaker.


I am based in Kraaifontein, Cape Town and am able to travel to destinations across S.A.

Bookings can be made through

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