Model Lookbook: The last of Autumn

I wanted to start a new series here on the blog where I round up a selection from the top fashion trends going on at the moment. So I had to kick it off with one of my favorite trends of all time,

Being the avid lover of all things floral — or print particularly putting together outfits. We’re happy to present some favourite pieces.

If you want to recreate the lookbook, start by investing in a few light silky blazers and add a jeans with it, or a stylish pants that’s a bit edgy, add it!. The blazer look is super versatile for winter, whether it’s for date night, event or business meeting. Silk blazers are fast way to make something look a bit funkier, classier or lighthearted it’s a great way to spice up an outfit.

The fringe leggings can be dressed in the same way, casual or for an evening out. Ankle-length bottoms are all the rage (cut them if they’re too long) and the 2-piece jersey set is so versatile, add a coat with it or wear the top with a jean, perfect time out with your girls.

“I have the simplest tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best.” –O. Wilde


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