Wardrobe tips

Being invited to look and move around in a woman’s wardrobe is personal. And to share my gift can be nailbiting. Something I don’t take lightly. There is years of emotion, stress, frustration, happiness and love tied up in the clothes hanging there. I get that. What I don’t get is that so many of us are guilty of buying a new top, a dress or a pair of pants because we need something new for a special occasion or because it happens to be on the sale rack. We don’t shop mindfully, we take the easy way out and settle for a purchase that in our hearts we know is not quite right.

We convince ourselves that once we get home it will a) fit better; b) make us look and feel fabulous; and c) work with five pieces already in our wardrobe. The d) all of the above of this multiple-choice scenario may seem like a dream when you see the tag of those rushed purchases winking at you each day as you open your wardrobe but it should not be the case.

Some signs of a poor shopper includes: Ending up with - items that don't go with anything else in your wardrobe. Buying something that looks the same, then buying it in every other color available! Buying something, but never wearing it (the price tag is still on). What a waste, right?

These types of problems occur when you don't have a wardrobe or shopping plan.

Follow my five tips to shopping below, a functional and fabulous wardrobe will no longer be a dream. And you’ll never make one of those “what was I thinking?” purchases again.

1. Great style is not about copying looks from the pages of a magazine. It’s about understanding what works for you, your body, lifestyle and what makes you feel different from the next person. Including the right colours.

2. When putting together an outfit, start with the base of that outfit. Whether that’s a dress, skirt and top, jeans and shirt, the outfit needs to be built around these building blocks. Think about what in those outfit building blocks is going to not only stand out and also suit the occasion you have in mind.

3. Bring those wardrobe building block pieces with you when shopping for the accessories. It will take away the guess-work.

4. Accessorize for impact. You are wanting to make a statement with your accessory choice but you don’t want to diffuse the statement by adding too many statement pieces in the one outfit.

5. Never settle for just any clothing or accessory purchase. If you don't have time to try it on, you haven’t got time to be buying it! There is so much fashion choices out there. Simply move on.

Do you have clothes sitting in your wardrobe for over a year that have never been worn? Was it purchased on a rush? Tell me what’s there that really should have gone long ago.
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