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The statement fashion piece is a topic which I find most women overdo when creating their unique look or when trying to be fashion forward!

Creating a unique look doesn’t mean combining a number of different clashing styles.

So, what’s a fashion statement piece? It's a focal point – one element which will stand out over your other pieces. This can be either a pair of shoes, a necklace or bracelet, a top, skirt or dress, earrings or even a stunning bag.

When you’re creating your outfit decide what is going to be your statement piece. For me it’s usually a pair of great pair of heels of a different colour, a clutch or a great pair of earrings.

I’ve got a few lovely pairs of earrings, I can pair them with any outfit, and don't have to wear a necklace with them. Which means, everything else I put around it is simple in style. This ensures that you’re outfit isn’t competing with the fashion statement piece you’ve chosen.

I also ensure that my fashion statement piece is in the same style as my outfit, to avoid styles from clashing. For example, you wouldn’t wear a boho necklace with a classical lace dress.

Every pair of shoes shown here is a statement fashion piece on it’s own. You don’t need a fancy outfit if you’re wearing one of these pieces. One way to draw attention to your fstatement fashion piece is to dress all in one colour with simple accessories.

This way the shoes stand out and people will notice your statement fashion piece !

Peep toe lace shoe: R499 by Queue Shoes
Another statement fashion piece is a gorgeous necklace or cuff. Here I’ve chosen some rather large statement fashion pieces. If you’re wearing a large necklace like one of these shown, wear simple earrings in a contrasting colour.

Or if it’s the cuff you love, make that the focal point of your outfit and pair back the shoes, handbag & earrings.

Bib Necklace: R160.00 by Ginger Mary


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