LE Kap Lifestyle Fair

Ah, the summer season of the Lifestyle events is upon us. A regal time you’ll agree when women gather for fashion, horses and champagne in their hands.

We enjoyed tasting the finest wines and champagne at the expo from which my favourite glass was the Alto shiraz wine, with its fruity taste. Followed by the Lamborghini showcase the latest model car on the stage.

The fashion show showcased Jacques La Grange, Thula Sindi, Luisa Spignoli and Craig Port's ready to wear.

Yes, the Le Kap Lifestyle event was the end of this lovely season in December 2015, but January 2016 is just around the corner with the J & B Met.

My husband and myself enjoyed the day with some friends, my girlfriend Taryn from Miss2Beesy and her boyfriend, who later joined us.


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