Ladies Race Day Tips - J & B Met

When anyone mentions J & B Met a wave of excitement washes over me - and then the wave of what do I wear settle in... Outfit planning! Right?

From the outside, J & B Met looks like a fun day at the races with your close friends, but once I start to call friends there's hundreds of questions asked. “What are you wearing?” “Who’s making your hat?” “What's the theme?” Fair questions, but questions that make you realise J & B Met isn’t your typical day out, it’s a business. For those of us who enjoys horse riding, racing and fashion is a dream to have it combined.

South Africa's most prestigious fashion and stylish day requires equal amounts of preparation, skill and poise.
Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and to drink plenty of water. There’s nothing fashionable about being sunburnt or passing out before noon.

My biggest advice would be to dress for no one but yourself. Many have their eye on the prize of being on the best-dressed list, but in my books, the best dressed are the ones who carry themselves with confidence and grace.
Below are a few outfit inspirations. See you at the Met! :-)


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